Food Recipe: Jägerschnitzel

Bonus post!  I wrote a guest post for the Rantings of a an Amateur Chef blog about my original Jägerschnitzel recipe.  Jägerschnitzel is a traditional German dish consisting of schnitzel (breaded and fried flattened pork) and Jäger (hunter) sauce, a delicious brown gravy with bacon and onions.  Check it out here!




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2 Responses to Food Recipe: Jägerschnitzel

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff.

    There was a restaurant that my family went to often when we lived in Germany, and this is all I would order. Except it was veal.

    Excited to try this recipe with the pork.


    • Dennis says:

      I always give pork schnitzel the slight edge for me personally. But maybe just because its fun to say schweine…
      Be sure to let me know how you enjoy the recipe!
      – Dennis

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