Beer Recipe: “Cantankerous Leprechaun” Dry Stout

This beer was originally supposed to be named “World’s Tallest Leprechaun” after the shirt my brother-in-law got me on his honeymoon to Ireland.  If you’re not yet chuckling, picture a 6’5/ 2 m tall man wearing a tiny green jacket.  I decided to rename it after having one of the more difficult brew days in a while. Read more of this post


One-Year Blogiversary

I started this blog one year ago today, and according to the secret blogger by-laws (bloglaws), I am contractually obligated to post about it and crow-bar in an amalgam of the word “blog” and another word as much as possible. Read more of this post

Water Treatment for Brewing 3: Adjusting the Water

[Miniseries Part One, Two, Three, Three-point-Five, Three-point-Six, Four]

Read more of this post


My wife and I at the Hofbräuhaus München

My wife and me at the Hofbräuhaus München a few years ago before I grew my brewer’s beard

Welcome to Life Fermented, a blog about home brewing, brew science, and other fermented goodies.  I post every other Wednesday, sometimes with bonus posts on the off-week.  If you like what I am doing here, follow me, spread the word, and comment to get involved!  Questions are always welcome.

Next post: Erm… I don’t know.  Life’s suddenly very busy.  Hope to be back soon!

Happy fermenting!
– Dennis

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