Beer Recipe: “Wacky Wit” Wit with Brett

To be honest, I’m not really sure where I got the idea in my head to brew this beer.  I have been reading a lot about sour beers lately (American Sour Beers is a wonderful book), and I wanted something outside of a normal ale.  But, I wanted to enjoy it relatively quickly, unlike the Flanders Red I have sitting in a closet upstairs until this summer.  So, I just decided to co-pitch some brett and a saison yeast into something like a wit wort and see what happened.

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Unlocking Hop and Fruit Flavors from Glycosides

Instead of the standard blog post today, I bring you my article published on

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Beer Recipe: “Kick in the Mangos” Brett IPA

I have been playing around with the tropical fruit hops like mosaic, simcoe, falconer’s flight (a blend), etc, for my last few batches, and have really enjoyed the result.  This time, I decided to pair these hops with the brett trois yeast strain which is known for anything from tart to mango and pineapple to horse blanket; I tailored the conditions to draw out only the mango and pineapple to complement the hops.  The result was an IPA gushing with tropical fruit flavors layered over smooth bittering. Read more of this post

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