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aboutMeMy name is Dennis, and I am an engineer by trade.  This blog will document my various brewing, fermenting and cooking endeavors, and the research I do along the way.  This isn’t another amateur beer review blog- I want to pass on information I find to be useful.

I love cooking and homebrewing, and sharing it with others.  Being an engineer, I try to take a very scientific approach to my hobbies, but I still appreciate the art that goes into them.  My hope is to inspire and be inspired by others to explore food and drink with the mindset of a scientist and passion of an artist.  Oh, and I’ll be far less pretentious about it than the previous sentence might  let on.

Please feel free to comment on any errors I might make in any of my posts- if you provide solid evidence to prove me wrong, I’ll update the post and credit you.  And you get 10 points, but like on Whose Line, the points don’t matter (though hopefully everything will not be made up).

Contact me at dennis.lifefermented [at] gmail [dot] com, or use the contact form.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, just double check that your email is correct in the contact form, or I won’t be able to respond!


2 Responses to About Me/ Contact

  1. Chris says:

    “My name is Dennis, and I am an engineer my trade.”
    by trade. 10 points for me!!

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